Video Created by Runnit

Starring - Alex Banin, Nico Fernandez

Directed by: Lucia Agajanian & Alex Banin | Produced by: Adam Birch and Jack Fay | Cinematography by: Adam Birch

1st Assistant Director: Charlie Guthmann | Art Director: Deniz Turkoglu | Production Designer: Leon Sommer-Simpson

Hair & Makeup: Sam Berston | 1st Camera Assistant: Doug BirchGaffer: Dhruv Mehra | G&E Swing: Tej Naramayan

Set Photographer: Chloe Roberts | Editor: Cassio Mendoza | Colorist: Sam Howells



Hollywood (No This Isn't)

by Alex Banin

Produced by Kenneth "Disrupt" Clair and Heir Porter

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