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Our Artist Development services cover a wide range of necessary resources essential for today's artist to succeed. We understand the value of developing an artist to their full potential by providing them the insight, sharing our knowledge and procuring the resources they need to see their vision come to life. 






Artist Development services include, but are not limited to:

- Oversee song selection for releases.

- Project concept and creative development.

- Creative direction of the recording and mixing sessions.

- Supervising the recording process and development of the artist.

- Executive produce a project to execute the artist’s full potential.

- Make connections with creative and budget conscious producers, songwriters, engineers etc.

- Overseeing all aspects of record making including identifying and confirming producers, engineers, featured artists, etc.

- Leveraging our network and experience to understand, maintain, and support the artist's vision through the creation of a project.

- We can also assist with songwriting, music production, video production, photography, graphic design, performance training and more.

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