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Music Equipment
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We provide Hip-Hop music programming and workshops for youth. Teaching them how to produce beats, write lyrics, record songs and much more. You can learn more about our mission and check out some of the amazing work we have done with youth in our communities.





Contact us at 708-505-2123 or if you have any questions.

Music Equipment


Our organization’s mission is to develop creative spaces for early young adult development through the use of songwriting, music production and audio recording. Beats and Bars creates a space for self-expression, peer-to-peer collaboration, all while learning about project management, entrepreneurship, marketing and more.

Our goal is to engage the youth by giving them a creative platform to use music making as a therapeutic process, as well as experience social emotional interaction with their peers. Our heuristic approach combined with our scrum project development implementation helps develop leadership skills, increases confidence and engages them in critical thinking. Beats and Bars’ real life studio experience accommodates all skill sets and prioritizes the individuality in each child. The skills they learn assist youth in becoming better writers, thinkers, improve their social skills and learn the dedication it takes to develop their craft into a business. All programming is led by professional artists.

We are passionate about our cause and believe Hip-Hop music can be used as a method to help the youth communicate, cope and coexist. Our purpose is to give teens a space to create, collaborate and understand the entrepreneurial options available within the music industry. We strongly believe mentoring our youth through music and its creation plays a pivotal role to their development as young adults.

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