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Dre Izaya

Artist, Songwriter and Producer

Raised in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood, Dre Izaya immersed himself in music and arts early on in his life. Inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar, Dre is determined to leave a legacy behind and reignite the competitive nature of our culture. At 18 years old, his music details experiences he’s had in life and the messages shift based on his current situation. The one constant is his effort to learn from those experiences and share the journey through his art. Describing his music as contradictory, therapeutic, diverse, biased, and open-minded, Dre Izaya is determined to create a path for himself in this new generation of young artists.

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Dre Izaya - Artwork Crying 4 U.jpg
IFAWTL Artwork FINAL by Ben Michael.jpg
Dre Izaya - Artwork Broke My Spirit.jpg
Dre Izaya - My Bae Spoiled : Childish.JP
Dre Izaya - Sun Dont Shine-MoreThanFriends Artwork (by Ben Schmoyer).JPG
The Blue Tape Vol 1 Front.png
4 No Reason Artwork.HEIC
Dre Izaya - MyselfLoseYourFire Artwork.p
Dre Izaya - NoSaintBigTrippin Artwork.JP
Marys Color Front Cover.jpg



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