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Artist and Project Management + Artist Development

As CEO of Loop Theory, an artist development and management company, I saw a huge need in my city of Chicago. As a well respected artist for many years, I gained insight and a perspective which has greatly assisted in curating our artist roster, quality of music and overall operations.


Since starting in 2018, we have developed our partner company LTI (Loop Theory Internacional), which focus on Regional Mexicano, Spanish Pop and more. Having our own software to deliver directly to all DSP’s, allows us to also offer distribution via Loop Theory Distribution. Our internal network provides services such as recording studio, live sound, photo, video, graphic design and much more to give our artists access to the necessary resources needed to execute a project. From project management, artist development, business operations and more, we are here to build and partner with the next generation of successful artists and musicians.

The Loop Theory standard of quality is evident in each one of our releases. I value timeless music, honorable business and moving with intent. I look forward to doing business with you.

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