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Producer and Audio Engineer

Kenneth “Disrupt” Clair is co-founder of Loop Theory, as well as in-house producer and engineer. Born and raised in Chicago, Disrupt found inspiration in a multitude of artists with various styles. Ranging from David Bowie to Quincy Jones to Kanye West, Disrupt learned both the importance of producing and mixing a record. He explains his sound as versatile, soulful and ubiquitous. As a youth mentor, audio engineer, producer and musician, he’s focused on creating a style for each artist he works with and assisting with the overall development of their sound. Disrupt is determined to accomplish goals on his terms and develop the sound for our next generation.

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Dre Izaya - My Bae Spoiled : Childish.JP
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Dre Izaya - MyselfLoseYourFire Artwork.p
Dre Izaya - NoSaintBigTrippin Artwork.JP
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