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Kenneth "Disrupt" Clair

Audio Engineer and Producer

For the past 6 years, Kenneth has taught himself how to produce records, play instruments and has transitioned into the role of an audio engineer solely based on his work ethic and passion for music. Earning an internship position at the recording studio Jungle AE (Music Garage), shortly after graduating high school, Kenneth has worked his way to doing what he envisioned for himself. Helping create the sound for artists in Loop Theory such as Brittney Carter, Dre Izaya and others, Kenneth “Disrupt” Clair is expanding his skill set from producer to engineer. He believes the artist and engineer relationship is pivotal because as an engineer you witness the artists at their purest, rawest and sometimes most vulnerable form, which gives the engineer the opportunity to guide and support the artist through the recording process. Being able to not only produce the records, but also manipulate them sonically is going to make Kenneth a great addition to any studio session.

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